Take Your Stand – Live the Life You Imagine!
Real power is the power to be a Conscious Changemaker in your own life. It’s the courage to Take Your Stand, to embrace the discomfort of uncertainty and deliberately engage your intuition. Prosperity emerges; not just financially, but on all levels; prosperity of peace, thought, emotions, healed relationships and joyful trust of The Intuitive Life. – Cheryl Brewster

This Month's Focus

Synchronicity & Flow

Date:October 6, 2014
Time:1:00 to 3:00 pm
Address:Embrace Challenge with a New Spirit!
2 hour workshop - Wellness Series
West Vancouver Memorial Library
1950 Marine Drive
West Vancouver
Investment:Free Event
Date:September 27, 2014
Time:9 am to 4pm
Address:Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity
1 day Intensive
518 Moberly Road, Vancouver
Investment:$99 per person

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Synchronicity: the hidden language of FLOW

We are surrounded by a sea of abundance that flows to us! How many times do you think of someone and they call? Do you see recurring sequences of numbers every time you see a digital time display, like 111, 333,  555, etc? Have you pondered an important question to have a billboard or licence […]

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Dead without Desire – Re-inspire your Life and Business

What does the word desire mean to you? Is it vibrantly alive in your life? Are you ticking off those magnificent milestones on your bucket list which can be as simple as weekly bubble baths or as exotic as trips to far-off places? Is it about achieving that long-held dream that you’ve held precious in your […]

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Keep it Simple – 5 steps to effectiveness in a frenzied get-it-done-world

Stress may not seem like a  decision, but over time, we begin to see where it is. Fight, flight or freeze responses are immediate, but when we take a step back,  we do see that we have choice in changing our responses…. do that enough times and we have improved our lifestyles for the better. […]

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success woman

Dare to be Great!

All great leaders have within them a dominating desire that helped them push through the tough times, to live and express their greatness. That desire must be greater than the desire to “just get by,” or the “I’ll do it later syndrome.” Which one are you right now? As I write this blog, I’ve had to […]

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