Take Your Stand – Live the Life You Imagine!
Real power is the power to be a Conscious Changemaker in your own life. It’s the courage to Take Your Stand, to embrace the discomfort of uncertainty and deliberately engage your intuition. Prosperity emerges; not just financially, but on all levels; prosperity of peace, thought, emotions, healed relationships and joyful trust of The Intuitive Life. – Cheryl Brewster

This Month's Focus

Mastering Change

Date:October 21, 2015
Time:6:30 to 8:30 pm
Address:Emotional Tune-Up for Caregivers
Perfect for anyone who has been or will be in a caregiving role.
935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Pre-register for this free event

Date:October 31, 2015
Time:9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Address:Newport Quay
518 Moberly Road
Investment:$99 before Oct 15 ($149 after) + tax

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Mastering Change – Even When It’s Hard

If you’re like me, you love change when it’s something that you really want or have been looking forward to for a long time.  The “other” change… you know the kind… the “dreaded” change; either the one you KNOW you need to make, or the unexpected ones that you don’t want and can’t control, what […]

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Self Love – The Courageous Choice for Results in Life and Business

What builds or destroys your relationships at home and in business? What totally transforms how you “do” life, especially behind the scenes where no one sees you or knows what you’re really thinking? What is your foundation, touchstone or immovable center point during times of intense challenge, emotional “spin cycles” and piercing disappointment or grief? […]

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Drop Anxiety to Manifest Goals! Part Two

Part two of how to drop anxiety to manifest goals, is a continuation of part one where we learned that anxiety is a choice that we may or may not realize we’re making. Awareness reveals this choice, giving us the opportunity to gradually replace anxiety with the joy of life.  As mentioned in the last post, […]

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Drop Anxiety to Manifest Goals! Part One

What if you could  drop anxiety to manifest goals more easily…don’t you just love that kind of juiciness?! Materializing that goal or desire and basking in the rush of exhilaration is mind-blowing; nothing is sweeter than a job well down and our own triumphant claim of “I did it, I really did it!” Between the juiciness […]

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