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Cheryl Brewster

Cheryl Brewster is one of Vancouver’s most popular, passionate and respected authorities on how to use intuition and mindfulness to transform difficulty into opportunity. As a Transformational Speaker, Coach, and Life Celebrant, Cheryl coaches individuals and teams to find the hidden treasure within challenge.   Cheryl’s story is one of extraordinary trust and the ability to ride the waves of change. In 2004 she left a successful career in the corporate world to “follow a calling” and founded The Intuitive Life to provide intuitive consultations, workshops and training to both individuals and organizations. In 2010 a family health crisis plunged her deep into her own “dark night of the soul,” testing every ounce of her faith and stamina. As a result, Cheryl discovered  that with the right mindset, severe challenges can be catalysts for powerful, positive change.

Widely respected for her talents and abilities, Cheryl possesses the rare gift of inspiring the best in people and organizations for better outcomes, communication, connection and resiliency. Through her intuitive consultations, workshops, seminars, speaking and coaching programs, she works with individuals and business groups to foster empowered decision making, creativity, improved working relationships and practical, strategies for meaningful, creative solutions.

Over the course of her career as a personal and business intuitive, Cheryl has consulted with and coached, executives and leaders in social and business projects, including company directors, naturopaths, entrepreneurs, local government, and small business. She’s either worked with or presented at events for Starbucks, Tourism Whistler, Vancouver Event Planners, HRMA, Christian Dior, The Districts of West Vancouver and Maple Ridge, UFCW, Continuing Education in New West, Port Coquitlam, Douglas College and others. Clients who work with Cheryl come away inspired, transformed and fully committed to living the deeper meaning of their lives with increased clarity, confidence and self-trust.

Connect with Cheryl:
Website:          TheIntuitiveLife.com
Facebook:        TheIntuitiveLife
Twitter:           @IntuitiveCheryl

Partial Testimonial List:

Cheryl Brewster is a valuable contributor to the Business Management Course at Rhodes Wellness College. She is a dynamic facilitator, combining entrepreneurial wisdom and strategies for effective results. The students’ experience of Cheryl was amazing. We are thrilled to have Cheryl Brewster as an entrepreneurial/facilitation resource and recommend her services highly.
– Lisa Brown, Operations Manager, Rhodes Wellness College

Cheryl’s presence and skills compliment the high caliber of expertise and product that Starbucks brings to the marketplace, and assisted in meeting our objectives of creating a unique and outstanding execution of our Tazo booth.  We highly recommend Ms. Brewster’s services and look forward to the opportunity of working with her again.  – Starbucks

The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of this program have been phenomenal. Perhaps the most meaningful change is that I now see how I create opportunity, instead of wishing it would show up. I have the power, I always had the power. But now I see it, feel it, eat, sleep and breathe it. And–I’m finally free of the life-long patterns that caused the uncertainty, stress and lack in my life.
– Claire Smith, Entrepreneur and Vancouver-based Business Owner of 17 Years

 I hired Cheryl to help me fast track my leap of faith into a few business ventures. I felt that there was something holding me back from fully stepping into my power and leadership. I was also someone who believes in using my intuition to guide my business decisions so I wanted to develop full trust in my intuitive abilities as I moved forward. In just a month of working with Cheryl, I identified a lifelong pattern that was causing me to doubt and hold back my authentic power. I gained practical tools to apply intuition in growing my businesses, and most of all, I feel a deep sense of peace and trust in myself that I have never accessed before. The transformations and miracles that I created far exceeded the financial investment in her fast track program. I highly recommend working with Cheryl to accelerate and elevate your business to a whole new level. –  Rosalyn Cua, Entrepreneur

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you reach a fork in the road; a time where you’re ready for change – a new direction. For me, I was standing at this intersection but it felt like I was trapped in a heavy fog. I couldn’t see where I came from or where I was going. I had no sense of direction. I was stuck. Then Cheryl Brewster entered my life. It’s difficult to put into words the difference she’s made for me. With her positive energy, intuitive insights, unending patience and genuine friendship, she helped guide me out of the fog. For the first time in many years I had clarity and a sense of purpose – I knew exactly where I was going. Cheryl didn’t just hand me the answers, she helped me ask the right questions – and the answers were moments of true transformation. Thanks to Cheryl, I’m finally living the life I feel I was meant to live. Working with her was the best decision I’ve ever made.  S. MacDonald, Entrepreneur

Cheryl Brewster is one of those rare gems, who comes along at just the right time when you hit the road bumps in your life. She did in mine. I often associated Intuitive Counselors with Psychics. It’s not true, they are actually uniquely separate. Cheryl taps into your own intuitive ability, which we all have , and guides you through the process of what you already know. Whether it’s business or life, Cheryl has an amazing gift that she is sharing with the rest of the world. I am blessed to have her as a friend and my intuitive mentor. – Allan Holender, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster and Author