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Real power is the power to be a Conscious Changemaker in your own life. It’s the courage to Take Your Stand, to embrace the discomfort of uncertainty and deliberately engage your intuition. Prosperity emerges; not just financially, but on all levels; prosperity of peace, thought, emotions, healed relationships and joyful trust of The Intuitive Life. – Cheryl Brewster

"Intention Creates Reality!"

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Joy in June

Date:June 6, 2017
Address:By phone or skype,
Intuitive Consultations
to reveal/confirm &
empower: career,
health, finances,
health and
life purpose
Date:June 20, 2017
Time:7:30 - 9:30 pm
Address:Summer Celebration by the Sea!
Goodies, Inspiration, Visualization

Investment:$25 please pre-register

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Joy is not the absence of pain, it’s the sacred acceptance of it

Like you, I’ve experienced a lot of joy in my life, and a lot of pain. I recognize that both are integral dance partners, challenging assumptions and perceptions of reality. JOY in my experience is the ever-present, inner quality of the soul, always in the background, and yet often expressing itself spontaneously and with great […]

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Get Back Up Again! You Can Do It!

Do you need an attitude adjustment? I know I often do. Despite all the times I’ve triumphantly faced fear in the past, an alarm bell still rudely announces a comfort zone. You too?! Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re not alone? As you face your fears, take comfort because you’ve been willing to […]

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High Vibes for Hard Times

This article emphasizes the importance of “high vibe” thoughts and feelings to keep us in alignment with what’s most important to us, especially in creating a more prosperity-minded attitude.

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hand holding lightning

The Antidote to Stuckness

This article is a message of hope for using stuckness as a form of transcendent growth even in the most difficult of circumstances, especially in these times of profound change that the Covid-19 virus has initiated.

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