Empowerment Amid Transition

by Cheryl Brewster

Conscious Changemakers are Brave!

Awareness breaks the cycle of fear; transition becomes opportunity, possibility and even excitement! Empowerment through Transition…  Clarity and wisdom distilled by you choosing a POSITIVE life experience; creating prosperity from the upheaval that feels anything but positive. Here’s to your Joy, Trust and Courage as a Conscious Changemaker! Remember… we were born to be Happy.

In my recent workshops that address these issues, 4 key steps stand out as superior navigation tools to ride the transformative waves of emotion and change we’re going through:

Four Steps to Empowerment Amid Transition using the ABC’s of Intuition
Aware, Breathe, Connect

1. What are your top 4 prosperity fears?
Remember prosperity isn’t just financial… it applies to all of life’s areas.
When you name them, you identify your fears; they are no longer vague, slippery, lurking or screaming shadows that can never be nailed down and resolved.

2. Trace the energy signature.
Where did this fear come from? See where it leads to… notice where you can take this on as your personal identity rather than just a fear.

3. What triggers the fears?
While you can’t control the people and events around you – you can choose your response. Courage is required! Remember that pain will show us what needs to change but suffering and overly zealous self recrimination are useless. This is choice point. Do you want to stay stuck in the trigger or break free by dropping the charge?

4. What changes can I make to focus on peace instead?
This is your portal of power; the transformative pipeline that takes you from fear and heavy negative energy to peace and knowing. Your own personal energy signature knows what to do and takes you straight to that place of freedom within you. Fear can be transformed to inspired action!

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Intuitive Prosperity in Business

by Cheryl Brewster


why (2Intuitive Prosperity in business is listening to your “WHY?”

I was inspired by a TED talk that shared a model for how great leaders inspire action. Basically, what it came down to was being clear about the “why” of what they do (versus the what). The talk was about branding, and because it shifted the focus from the external to the internal, I knew that intuition plays an important role.

The concept is that understanding WHY you do what you do (create a product, provide a service), and therefore being able to communicate that, will attract buyers who believe in the same WHY. A deeper connection than the product itself is created. Prosperity is a direct result of that deep inner knowing and your ability to connect with it in others.

In the talk, Dr. Martin Luther King was given as an example. King said, “I have a dream”, not “I have a plan.” So, it’s about inspiring people by making sure they know your WHY.

TOMS shoes is another example that comes to mind. This company originated from a trip to Argentina when the social entrepreneur (and Conscious Changemaker), Blake Mycoskie, saw poor children running around the streets without shoes and intuitively knew that he had to do something to help. TOMS was created to fulfill that desire. TOMS donates one new pair of shoes to children in need for every pair sold.

The business started with the WHY, has a great story, and people who buy TOMS shoes are not only purchasing its product, but also its WHY. They are more than customers. They are supporters. As a result, this business has seen notable success and shared prosperity.

The question is, how do you really get clear about your WHY? The answer to this question can be the missing link to your ability to “allow” intuitive prosperity in business.

Napoleon Hill, of Think and Grow Rich fame, writes about desire (wanting something so much it becomes an inspired, healthy obsession) and the sixth sense (subconscious Creative Imagination). Can you imagine how powerful the results would be if you could use your sixth sense to clarify the WHY, then tap into the fuel of your desire to implement steps to experience prosperity?

Answering the WHY, clarifying your purpose, and using the power of your intuition are powerfully interconnected. While it’s about reaching within to find authentic answers, sometimes it takes some help from outside sources to get there.

That’s where a professional intuitive can add value. As a Personal and Professional Intuitive, and founder of The Intuitive Life (2004), I invite you to watch the TED talk, read the TOMS story, and start thinking about your own WHY. I inspire Conscious Changemakers to increase intuitive prosperity in business by going deeper into their “WHY” through personal and business consultations, personalized Intuitive Mentor Programs and the Intuitive Prospecting Program.

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7 Prosperity Tips

by Cheryl Brewster

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Prosperity

Have you decided that you are ready to be more successful and prosperous than ever before? It sounds like a silly question, but many of us close ourselves off to the prosperity that is possible. If you’re tired of holding back and know that you are capable of experiencing more, bravo! There’s no better time to step into your brilliance than NOW.

Here are seven ways to start supercharging your prosperity using your intuition:

1. Really want it – It all starts with desire. Be clear about what you truly want more of. Honor the prosperity levels you wish to create by including them in your meditations, intentions and visualizations.

2. Believe you deserve it – Doubt creates a roadblock. You were born to experience prosperity in every area of your life. Regardless of what your life looks and feels like right now, you are just as valuable and deserving as any other person. Let go of the wanting and notice the difference to be int he experience of having it. Remember the sub-conscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and imagined!

3. Imagine it – The more you can describe your dream with all the senses, the more vivid, inspiring and energizing it will be for you. It becomes your target and your fuel.

4. Clear the path – Let your roadblocks go. Negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs close you off from abundance and prosperity. Start with where you are!

5. Breathe – When you stop to breathe deeply, you bring yourself into the present and can then tap into your intuition to guide you.

6. Connect – With yourself and with others who support and inspire you. Go in the direction that your energy inspires you to go, even if your mind doesn’t understand exactly why yet.

7. Commit – To being open, to trusting your intuition, to taking action, and to keep going. Whether in your personal life or in your work, abundance and prosperity is there, waiting for you to embrace, accept, and step into it. My work and joy is to see that unfolding – and my sincere wish for you is that you take the first step in supercharging your prosperity today! Here’s to your ongoing prosperity and success here NOW!

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