Radical Joy in Life and Business!

by Cheryl Brewster
February 29, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Stamps Landing
$110 Early Bird 10 days prior
Cheryl Brewster

12 Intentional Days to make 2020 the year of  “I Did It!”
“Leveraging Obstacles to Feed the Fire of Your Potential”
I invite you to “find the sweet spot” in the interplay of polar opposites in your life… what the psychologist Carl Jung described as “Individuation” is the pressing need within each of us to allow the magnificence of the soul emerge. To do so, you must “Take Your Stand” and live life at the expense of your false perceptions, not at the expense of your soul. Joy then, used as strategy rather than outcome, empowers vision, stamina and resilience.

(Introductory evenings held monthly at the Silk Purse in West Vancouver, please click here).

Take Your Stand for what makes you come alive!
When you do, you are aligning with “Natural Law of Divine Design” – the inner blueprint that supports a life of abundance, physical wholeness, creative self-expression and loving relationships.

Your Inner Mystic is calling… are you listening? Are you taking action?
Cheryl’s proven methodology for accessing spiritual solutions to real-world problems  is practical, deep and results-oriented.
In one rich, full day, she will:
1. Take you deeper into your soul to uncover your purpose and align your life with it.
2. Help you define, expand and articulate your new vision.
3. Uncover any blocks, obstacles, issues, limiting beliefs or concerns and remove them.
4. Design practices and provide proven tools with a detailed action plan to take home.
5. Leave no stone unturned, ensuring you leave inspired, with clarity and confidence.

Invest in what’s most important – you, and your joy in life and business… it’s what you, your family, your clients and the world need most! Mini Intuitive Consults are included throughout the day.

These are vibrant, rich, deep “soul” days where you dive in deep to connect with what’s most meaningful to you, and expand your intuitive guidance. Immerse yourself in the joy of creating life the way you wish to live it. These retreat days are stand-alone, but each one does build on the next for a year of learning, integration and practice. Usually held the last Saturday every month with some Sunday exceptions. To ensure early-bird pricing, please pre-register 10 days prior. Tea and snacks are provided; lunch is not, and reservations are made at nearby restaurants for the group to enjoy a mid-day meal and intuitive practice.
If you prefer, you are welcome to bring a bagged lunch and remain in the workshop room.

All retreat days are 9:30am to 4pm (snacks/teas provided, lunch not included)
Sun., Jan 26, Sat., Feb 29, Sun., March 29, Sat., April 25, Sat., May 23, Sat., Jun 20, Sat., July 18, Sat. 29, Sat., Sept 26, Sat., Oct 31, Sat., Nov. 28

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