Personal Intuitive Consultations with Cheryl

Intuitive Consultations, Mindfulness and Coaching

There’s a greatness inside you that already knows what’s best for you, but at times, it can feel elusive. My role as a highly skilled and professionally trained intuitive is to help you access that inner gold and excavate it for richer life experiences. Intuitive consultations are unique, powerful explorations and can include:

  • Life purpose review and gifts/talents to be developed
  • Improved insight and clarity for decision making personally & professionally
  • Course correcting for prosperity in major life areas including life/career satisfaction, relationships, health and finances
  • Alerts to emotional energy blocks that need to be cleared
  • Insight into spiritual, intuitive or psychic experiences
  • Muses and guides you may be working with
  • Messages from loved ones
  • Your relationship with Self, spirituality, others, habits, archetypes
  • Indications of where you are on your Hero’s Journey

“One-of Sessions” are supported with Mindfulness Coaching in Intuitive Mentor Programs  and Workshops for personal and business use.

Host an Intuitive Party or Special Event
Explore the deeper realms of consciousness with an “Intuitive Flower Reading.” Or book an “Intuitive Party” in the comfort of your own home for friends and family, or as a unique event at staff meetings, conferences, bridal parties, birthdays, retirements and other celebrations. As a professional intuitive, I tap into the creative genius of each person attending your function and provide a “reading” for what is most important for them at this time. I’ve done this both for home parties and in major corporations… it’s unique, fun, informative and memorable!

Contact me to book your function. Gift Certificates are also available for future dates. Group rates dependent on number of participants and travel time. Please call to arrange a quote.

Length of Intuitive Consult