Mindfulness: Mentor Programs & Coaching

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Are you a Conscious Changemaker?
Are you living in integrity with your highest values? Maybe you feel satisfied with your life – but you know there’s something more. Maybe you know that you need to make some significant changes, but aren’t sure how. What I know is that the truest answers lie within you and will be expressed through a deep authentic impulse – if you are willing to listen to it.

“The truth is that our finest moments
are most likely to occur when we are feeling 
deeply uncomfortable,
unhappy, or unfulfilled.
For it is only in such moments, 

propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start 
searching for different ways or truer answers.” M. Scott Peck

Are you living the passion of your “Hero’s Journey?”

  • Are you working hard but wishing you felt more empowered, purposeful and “alive?”
  • Do you struggle with fatigue and overwhelm; is staying resilient becoming more and more challenging?
  • Does anxiety plague you in decision making when you don’t have all the facts?
  • Is self-doubt threatening your self-esteem and ability to cope in times of change?
  • What would it be like to feel more confident during transition?

    What solutions will you discover in Mindfulness/Intuitive Coaching with Cheryl?
  • Excavate the meaning and underlying purpose from the struggles in your own Hero’s Journey
  • Re-frame what once brought pain and transform it into power
  • Reclaim a rock-solid foundation of self-trust and self-awareness
  • Overcome the critical voice to be a better friend to yourself and live more authentically
  • Grow  joy, confidence and peace of mind as you ride the waves of change in both your inner and outer worlds

Contact Cheryl  to arrange your complimentary 20 session to sample what Intuitive Mentoring and Mindfulness Coaching can do for you at this point in your Hero’s Journey.


“If anyone is looking for a therapist but doesn’t want to go the traditional psychotherapy route, I highly recommend working with Cheryl Brewster. She’s a highly skilled intuitive that provides personal intuitive readings. I’ve worked with Cheryl multiple times now and have received amazing comfort, clarity, and insight. The conversations we’ve had have affected me powerfully and tend to resonate for months afterward, in the best possible ways. She had been one of the most valuable therapeutic professionals I’ve seen.”  Tara R., Registered Clinical Counselor

“The changes that have occurred in my life as a result of Cheryl’s programs have been phenomenal. Perhaps the most meaningful change is that I now see how I create opportunity, instead of wishing it would show up. I have the power, I always had the power. But now I see it, feel it, eat, sleep and breathe it. And–I’m finally free of the life-long patterns that caused the uncertainty, stress and lack in my life.”  Claire S. Entrepreneur and Vancouver-based Business Owner of 17 Years

“You have to work with Cheryl if you want to develop your potential more; this woman has a phenomenal capacity to help you see what holds you back and to confront it, to make a difference in your life. In the workplace, this isn’t about making someone a better sales or IT person (although it might); it’s about transforming you so that no matter what your Insights Profile is, you have the ability to perform more to your potential. Cheryl’s individual and group work was more than what I expected, and far more relevant to me than I could ever have imagined.” ~ T. Carson, Corporate Insights Trainer