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Personal Growth expands Awareness which expands authentic Prosperity Consciousness.
When we have it, we have everything… life becomes an exciting adventure, even in the face of adversity and challenge because no matter what happens, we know we can handle it.  That’s empowering! That’s freedom. That’s how we’re meant to live.

What I understand – and have seen through my years of experience in coaching people on this issue is that:

  • Our personal awareness and ultimately prosperity in all of life’s key areas: relationships, health, career, finances, and personal meaning are interconnected with what we believe.
  • What we believe about ourselves.
  • What we believe about our value.
  • What we believe about life.
  • What we believe about the challenges we face.
  • What we believe about our identity and our past.

Creating our lives from deliberate choice rather than chance means we need to step up to the plate in bigger, stronger ways. But it takes great courage, perseverance and commitment to step into the uncertainty of change. Our primal brains, wired for worry, leap in big time to protect us. The emotional affects can be alarming, and if left unchecked, become harmful rather than helpful.

Intuition, mindfulness, inspiration and imagination are game changers. They help us access our inner blueprint to see the big picture of life, and create the changes we need to make to live our best lives.

If you are taking your life to the next level, then your resistance will come up. That’s only natural.
What’s not natural is to stay in the pain and suffering that our fears bind us to.
My work as a professional intuitive and transformational coach, steeped in the practicality of the business world and bridged through metaphysics and the understanding of “as above, so below” is a refreshing, powerful approach to positive, powerful, lasting change. If you have found this website and are intrigued, then you are a Conscious Changemaker being called to live the greater vision of your life. I look forward to being a part of your very important Hero’s Journey!

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